It has become an important brand in the sector with its final products with its industrial mold production and plastic injection manufacturing for a long time.


Years of Experience


Production Area


Project Molds


With more than 15 years of experience in industrial mold and plastic injection, Başpınar produces special products according to the final product and customer needs according to the expectations of the sector.

Başpınar qualified engineers and production team realized all stages of production in accordance with their own initiatives by completing the final products offered; according to the needs of customers in the sector or the idea they want to develop the customer can easily produce.

Başpınar, which develops mold and injection process at international standards in its modern production facilities, which are continuously developed and renewed with its R & D center, uses the most technologically advanced software and equipment in order to provide precision and high quality production.


As Başpınar, in order to prevent any negative effects and pollution that may occur in our environment during our production activities, the necessary improvements and corrections are made in production by ensuring the continuity of our environmental performance through the implementation of the environmental management system determined in accordance with standards and laws.                     We reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment by ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing the amount of waste and reusing all waste that can be recycled by adopting the environmental management system as our principle.

Production Factors

With more than 15 years of experience in industrial mold production and plastic injection processes, with the principle of renewable value, high quality thinking and customer-oriented approaches, safe production is carried out with innovative designs at world standards.


In order to develop new product ideas, we exchange ideas with our engineer team and work with you at every stage of the production process with a plan that fits your idea and product.


We work with a team of highly qualified engineers trained in this sector to ensure the best performance and results for our customers by enabling them to design and develop the final products.


High quality, reliable and fast production is carried out in order to produce world-class products, to become the solution partner of the manufacturing companies and to ensure the industrialization of new approaches.


In order to provide trouble-free products to the industries we work with, various analyzes are performed with quality control monitoring processes applied in the production stages, and a rapid reaction time and possible failure measures are taken.